Grace Rafaela Brady is the first daughter of Mia and her ex-boyfriend, Chad. Mia came to town looking for adopted family to adopt her baby.

Nicole DiMera had just lost her daughter and acted to still be pregnant and try to find a baby girl. Nicole went to Dr. Baker for help, Nicole met Mia. Nicole and Mia agreed for the adoption. Mia wanted to meet the adopted father to make sure her daughter was safe.

Grace was born in January 23, 2009 by Nicole Walker. Nicole later learned that Sami Brady gave birth to EJ’s daughter, Sydney DiMera, on the same day. Nicole and Dr. Baker switched the girls.

Grace lived with Sami and Rafe for the months before her death. Grace later died and left her mother and adopted mom in mourning.

After her death, Sami told EJ that he was the father of her daughter. Her legal mother and adopted step-father are not talking. EJ is mad at her. He almost took Johnny away from her but stopped because she needed her son and daughter right.

Her father, Chad, learned that her mother had a baby and gave her up for adoption. Chad thinks that the baby is Sydney (whom is the biological daughter of EJ DiMera and his ex-wife Sami Brady).